Kai Schreiber

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I Preparation

Reinhold Finskei, very honorable mountaineer and adventurer by trade, has done everything human imagination can think of. He climbed all monuments in his reach. He hiked around the historic cemetary of Tübingen all on his own, to focus public perception back on the "deadly silence of literature", as he cleverly put it. Thinking, he pauses in front of Hölderlins grave: utterly aware of human failure, utterly human.

His biggest feat to date, the first time ascent of the geographic centre of Baden-Württemberg, made people look up in amazement, far away from Tübingen's city limits. They hadn't know that the thing existed.

Now the restless wanderer, the adventurer and parvenu, the globetrotter and bohemien is once more excited, pregnant with a new plan. This time it will be the final goal, the biggest adventure, like, ever: the Österberg and the legendary tower on its summit will be the final test for his manhood.