Programs for 32 bit Windows

All these programs have been developed in Delphi 5 for 32bit Windows. They haven't been tested extensively. Feel free to use them, but expect some bugs and problems.

BiBLE for Windows V0.99

bible BiBLE improves BibTeX Library Editing for Windows. It's a rather quick and dirty approach on the subject, so I don't guarantee anything. Use at your own risk. For more information, read the readme.txt and the helpfile. Warning though: the helpfile is a bit out of date and doesn't reflect all the actual features of the program.

You can download BiBLE in a zipped archive here.


Puller is a little program to download jpg images from the web in regular intervals (webcam pictures). The archive contains just the executable and a readme file.

You can download Puller in a zipped archive here.


A simple program for archiving CDs or similar media. Nothing fancy, but serves it's purpose.

You can download CDCat in a zipped archive here.